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Company history

May, 1924 Nippon Pillar Packing Industries was established in Nada, Kobe, Japan.1
Patented Pillar Packing No. 1 was developed.
August, 1926 A factory was newly set up in Yodogawa, Osaka, Japan. (At present, the head office is located here.) In this factory, a full-scale production was started for sealing packings for industrial use.
June, 1932 The production of gaskets for automobiles and marine engines was started.
May, 1948 The Company was reorganized into a joint-stock company, and Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd. was founded with a capital of JPY 2 million.
April, 1951 First in our country, a mechanical seal (shaft sealing device) was developed, starting its production.
October, 1952 A vertical gasket for a high-temperature & high-pressure pipe flange was developed. The production of fluorine plastic products (Product name: "Pilaflon") was started.
September, 1967 Sanda Factory was set up newly in Sanda, Hyogo, Japan.
May, 1984 The Company was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange as specially appointed brand in the 2nd Stock Market.
April, 1989 Pillar Denshi Kogyo and Pillar Estate were merged, whose company name was changed to Pillar Sangyo Co., Ltd.
June, 1993 Nippon Pillar Singapore, a subsidiary of Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd., was established in Singapore as a sales strategic point in Southeast Asia. (present subsidiary company)
September, 1995 The Company was removed from the list on the Osaka Stock Exchange 2nd Market - specially appointed brand, which was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange - 2nd Stock Market.
September, 1999 Nippon Pillar Corporation of America was established in U.S.A. (present subsidiary company)
January, 2001 The Company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange - 2nd Stock Market.
February, 2003 Suzhou Pillar Industry Co.,Ltd. established in China.
December, 2004 Kyushu Factory completed in Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Pref.
April, 2007 Shanghai Pillar Trading Co.,Ltd. established in Shanghai, China.
April, 2015 Nippon Pillar Middle East FZE established in Dubai, UAE.
Nippon Pillar (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in Bangkok, Thailand.
Nippon Pillar Singapore Pte Ltd. Indonesia Representative Office established in Indonesia.
March, 2016 NPK Fluid Control Systems Mexico S.A. de C.V. established in Jalisco, Mexico.
March, 2017 Head office moved to Nishi Ward, Osaka.
June, 2018 Nippon Pillar Europe GmbH established in Munich. Germany.