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We carry out our business activities based on our Corporate Principles and Management Philosophy.

社是 経営理念

Group Code of Conduct

The Group Code of Conduct of Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd. and its Group companies stipulates important action guidelines to which officers and company employees shall adhere in the conduct of their daily business activities.

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Group Code of Conduct(1.5MB)

Environmental Policy

Terms of Our Policy

Through the following policy, Nippon Pillar Packing recognizes that environmental issues represent a challenge to all humanity, acknowledges its corporate social responsibility in this regard, and actively engages in global environmental conservation as a good corporate citizen.The Company also seeks the sustainable development of society and industry alike by contributing to the development of local communities.

(1)Compliance with laws and regulations

In addition to complying with domestic and international environmental laws and regulations, we pledge to establish and adhere to our own voluntary standards that take into account the needs of society.

(2)Development of products that contribute to environmental protection

As a manufacturer of fluid control equipment, we will develop technologies and products that contribute not only to improved performance but also to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability through environmental protection initiatives.

(3)Controlling environmental pollution through our business operations

We will strive to reduce waste emissions and recycle the waste we generate. Moreover, we will continuously seek ways to reduce our use of environmentally hazardous substances while complying with pollution control regulations intended to protect the environment.

(4)Improvement of the environmental management system

Recognizing the environmental impact of our business operations, we will strive to continuously improve our environmental management system.

(5)Cooperation with society

We will develop environmental conservation initiatives in cooperation with our stakeholders in an effort to meet the expectations of society.

                                      March 3, 2021

PILLAR CSR Procurement Guidelines

We have established and implemented our CSR Procurement Guidelines encompassing our Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Standard.
Please refer to Pillar CSR Procurement Guidelines for detailed policies and initiatives that our employees must adopt and adhere to when engaged in business dealings with our suppliers.   

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PILLAR CSR Procurement Guidelines(256KB)

Integrated Report

The report introduces the Group’s environmental and social initiatives, governance and other non-financialareas while also providing some information on its medium- and long-term strategy and financial performance. The report is intended to enhance communication with stakeholders and also further improve the Group’s initiatives. This report was edited with reference to the International Integrated Reporting Frameworkpublished by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and the Guidancefor Collaborative Value Creation formulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade andIndustry in May 2017.
[Issued August 2021]

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Integrated Report 2021

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Integrated Report 2021(3.5MB)

Back issues

Integrated Report 2020(3.9MB)

CSR Report 2019(2.9MB)

CSR Report 2018(4.0MB)

CSR Report 2017(6.6MB)

CSR Report 2016(6.3MB)

CSR Report 2015(7.8MB)

CSR Report 2014(5.5MB)

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ISO Certification

We led the industry in acquiring ISO 14001 certification, and thereby established an in-house system for environmental management.(Since 1999)
The current certification body is JQA (Japan), and the accreditation body is JAB(Japan) and UKAS(U.K).
(The Sanda Factory and Fukuchiyama Factory have acquired ISO 14001 certification.)