Guarantee of quality

To realize the product quality required at all phases ranging from product development to design, production, marketing & sales and after-sales service, our company has established our unique quality assurance system, based on the quality assurance system associated with nuclear power generation. We acquired the ISO9001 Certification ahead of our competitors, and all internal quality assurance organizations cooperate with each other under the slogan of "Quality First", aiming to provide excellent product quality meeting the requirements of the times, based on the corporate slogan "Quality First", in a body.

Quality Policy

Terms of Our Policy

In keeping with the “quality first” spirit of our corporate principles, Nippon Pillar Packing is committed to providing products and services reflecting the quality required by our customers and society through the following policy.

(1)A customer-focused approach

We will ensure customer satisfaction by continuously achieving a high level of quality stability.

(2)Quality assurance through own process completion

We will continuously promote initiatives that ensure quality across all our business processes while fulfilling all steps related to process quality.

(3)Global quality

We will establish a system that provides an appropriate level of quality to global markets.

(4)Continuous improvement initiatives

In order to improve quality, we will establish quality targets and indicators and will continuously upgrade our quality management system.

(5)Communication with stakeholders

We will disclose information on product quality in a timely and appropriate manner while meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

                            March 3, 2021

ISO Certification

As an international quality assurance system, our company obtained "ISO9001" first among the domestic sealing makers.(Since 1995)
The current certification agency is JQA (Japan), and the authorization agency is JAB(Japan) and UKAS(U.K).


About usage of asbestos

Our products don't use asbestos