PILLAR FOIL(R) Low-torque packing series

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Gland packing

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Petroleum refining, Oil chemical, Energy, Marine service

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Support high-temperature region!

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This is a gland packing improved the problem of sliding resistance by executing the special low-torque treatment, which had been a disadvantage in the conventional packing bade of expanded graphite.

◆Wide-range application conditions

Since the gland packing provides the excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance possessed by the expanded graphite, it is applicable to a wide range of fluid.

◆Long life

Since it is possible to maintain the tightening force for a long time as compared with the packing made of asbestos, it assures the prolonged life, allowing the maintenance to be reduced.

The packing of this series is a gland packing for valve, to which the chemically stabilized expanded graphite(Pillar Foil(R)*) is adopted. It is a high-performance packing to which the special low-torque treatment is taken, and is intended to improve the operability of valve rod, which has been a problem in the conventional expanded graphite base packing. It is applicable to a wide range of fluid conditions, and makes it possible to elongate the life of stem seal. *The Pillar Foil(R) is a Nippon Pillar's trademark for expanded graphite.


◆Application range of expanded graphite base packing

Manual valve, electric valve

- For low-temperature/low-pressure:

PILLAR No.6114

- For medium-temperature/medium-pressure:


- For medium-temperature/high-pressure:

PILLAR No.6710CL + PILLAR No. 6616CL(No.6610CL)

- For high-temperature/medium-pressure:


- For high-temperature/high-pressure:

PILLAR No.6710CH + PILLAR No.6616CH(No.6610CH)

Control valve

- For low-temperature/low-pressure:

PILLAR No.4519

- For medium-temperature/medium-pressure:

PILLAR No.6720 + PILLAR No. 6610CL

(used with carbon ring in combination)

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