PILLAR PC-CLAD™ Copper Clad Laminates based on PTFE

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PILLAR PC-CLAD™ is the copper clad laminates suitable for high frequency application. By utilizing feature of PTFE which has low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor, we realize ultra low transmission loss CCL. And also PILLAR PC-CLAD™ are reinforced by woven fiberglass. This allows you handle more easily in fabrication than non woven fiberglass.

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Target application

-Automotive mm-wave radar

-Cellular telecommunications systems

-Hi-speed data center

-Any other mm-wave application

Result example

-Automotive mm-wave radar

-Fixed data link station

-ETC base station

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Our lineup of laminates are 220series, 260 series and 300series.

  220series:dielectric constant = 2.2, dissipation factor = 0.0007@10GHz

  260series:dielectric constant = 2.6, dissipation factor = 0.0015@10GHz

  300series:dielectric constant = 2.8, dissipation factor = 0.0020@10GHz

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