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Applicable to a wide range of fluids and highly reliable!

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◆To users who use the asbestos base spiral wound gasket

◆Wide range application

Since there is no reduction in heat at high temperature range, and no change in physical property at low temperature range, this gasket assures the stabilized sealing performance for a long time at wide temperature range.

It is also possible to apply this gasket to a wide range of fluid, as it uses the SUS304 having excellent corrosion resistance to the hoop and inner race/outer race.

◆Quick delivery system

Nippon Pillar will meet the customer's demand quickly by its "uick delivery system", as the gaskets for flanges compatible to JIS and JPI(ANSI) are stocked as standard line-ups.

◆Unnecessary work procedure change

It is possible to execute the sealing in accordance with the same tightening control as that for asbestos base spiral wound gasket.

◆Economical efficiency

Nippon Pillar will provide this gasket at price equivalent to that of conventional asbestos base spiral wound gasket.

If the Pillar Techno black gasket is adopted, it becomes possible to integrate the type, thus making it possible to reduce the stock, as it is applicable to a wide range of conditions. Since it is possible to provide this gasket almost at the same low cost as asbestos base spiral wound gasket even thought the expanded graphite is used to the filler material, it is possible to provide the cost reduction. The standard line-ups stocked will include the gaskets for piping flanges(JIS: 10K-63K, JPI: 150-900).


・Working temperature range -200°C - +600°C

(450°C for oxidizing atmosphere)

・Maximum working pressure 43.1MPa

・Minimum design tightening pressure 68.9N/mm2

(For gas sealing, 39.2N/mm2 per unit projection area of seal)

・Gasket coefficient 3

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