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Fluid equipment product made of fluorine resin

Industrial field

Food, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor & LCD

Usage environment

Valve, Piping, etc

The SUPER-300 type PILLAR fitting™ is completely a new joint made of fluoroethylene resin, which can fully and securely meet the sophisticated and diversified requests such as "Safety","Cleanliness","Application at high temperature","Compatibility to piping size",etc., the essential items in semiconductor liquid crystal manufacturing process.

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◆Reduction in tightening torque by updated sealing mechanism

Since the sealing force acts in radial direction as well as in thrust direction, this fitting is so constructed as to provide the stabilized sealing performance for a long time within wide temperature range, and to be resistible against heat cycle.

The adoption of this seal mechanism made it possible to reduce the tightening torque to approx. 1/3 - 1/2 as compared with the conventional product.

◆Greatly enhanced workability due to simplified tightening control

The adoption of gauge ring made it possible to execute the union nut tightening control with sound, tactile impression and visual method, which greatly improved the workability, and eliminated the fluctuation in execution such as insufficient tightening, excessive tightening, etc., thus assuring the safe and stabilized performance. (Excluding a part of small-aperture product)

◆Initial tightening

The union nut makes contact with the projection of gauge ring, to inform the completion of execution with sound and tactile impression.

◆Tightening limit

The union nut makes contact with the base of gauge ring, to inform the limit of tightening.

◆Excellent sealing performance

This fitting assures the excellent sealing performance against each chemical liquid.

Even the removal liquid having high penetration performance will not be oozed out.

◆Radical reduction in micro-bubble and liquid accumulation

Since the flow passage sectional area is little decreased due to tightening of union nut, the flow passage will not be interfered.

Besides, the micro-bubble/liquid accumulation was radically reduced due to adoption of special shape sleeve.

◆Contribution to downsizing/low-cost of equipment

NIPPON PILLAR will provide a variety of molded products(including space-saving type) at low cost in a short delivery time.

Using the SUPER-300 space-saving type will...

- make it possible to design the compact equipment

- halve the connection point and reduce the number of man-hour

- allow the simplified equipment connection

◆High working pressure/temperature

The maximum working temperature is 200°C, and the tube holding strength is over the burst pressure of tube.

◆Cleanliness and high quality

NIPPON PILLAR produces the product consistently at the clean room at its own factory(authorized by ISO9001, ISO14001) within the range to molding, processing, assembling and cleaning.


- Maximum working pressure: 0.7MPa(*)

- Working temperature: 0 - 200°C

- Size of tube used: 3 - 38.1mm(1/8" 1-1/2")

* For 60°C, the working pressure may change, depending on temperature.

The following products are also available in addition to those shown above.

When such products are necessary, consult NIPPON PILLAR.

- Super type Pillar fitting

- Quartz fitting for pipe made of quartz

- Flexible tube fitting

- PFA tube

- Heat exchanger

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