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Message from the President

流体制御技術をベースにさらなる飛躍を 代表取締役社長 岩波清久

Since our establishment in 1924, we have supplied high-quality, innovative products such as mechanical seals, gland packings, gaskets, fluorine resin products  (fittings, pumps, tubings and valves). This was possible by applying our unique fluid control technology, advanced material engineering, sophisticated design knowledge and precise production techniques that established Pillar as the expert fluid sealing manufacturer.

High performance Pillar products support multiple industries such as microelectronics, petroleum refineries, chemical manufacturing, automobile and maritime.

In addition, we provide rapid responses to the quickly changing business world and commitment to safe and clean environment.

We aim to help Pillar employees become the corporate citizens of a wealthy society who follow fair and sound business practices in compliance with the law and corporate ethics.

We are proud of our R&D team for developing high-quality, innovative products.  This is in line with our company motto: “Quality First,” “Cooperation and Harmony,” and “Continuous research in order to  meet our customer’s requirements.