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When started the Company?
Foundation: The Company was founded in 1924 as Nippon Pillar Kogyo Sho. Reorganization of Company In 1948, the Company was reorganized to a joint-stock company, which was named as "Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd.".
From where was "Pillar" in the company name derived?
This naming is derived from the fact that "Patented Pillar Packing No. 1" developed first as our product in 1924 was pillar-shaped.
What are the Company's business line and activities?
Our company is manufacturing and marketing various fluid control related equipment in a wide range of industrial fields, including marine, automobiles, energy, petroleum refining, petrochemistry, chemistry & electronics to semiconductors, liquid crystal (LCD) and building-construction, etc.
Management policy
Since the Company was established in 1924, our company group has been fully employing our group's unique fluid control technology, such as material engineering, precision processing technique and relevant technologies, with "fluid leak stopping - sealing technology as basic technology, contributing to resource saving and realization of safe & clean global environment as our mission.
The company's guide (outline activities) is desired.
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IR & Investor Information FAQ
Questions as to achievements or business results

Questions as to achievements or business results
Refer to the "Financial Information" pages.
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IR & Investor Information FAQ
Questions about our company's stock

What is Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd.'s securities (stock) code?
Our code in the Stock Exchange is "6490".
On which Stock Exchange is Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd. listed?
Our company is listed on both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
When was Nippon Pillar Packing Co., Ltd. listed
on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
On January 5, 2001, our company was listed on the 2nd Stock Market, and on March 1, 2001, the Company was listed on the 1st Stock Market.
How many stocks were already issued in total?
The total number of stocks issued is 25,042,406 as of September 30, 2018.
Who is the transfer agent?
Our agent is UFJ Trust Bank.
Where should I make contact with regard to
various stockholder's application form?
Where to make contact is UFJ Trust Bank.
How is the minimum unit for stock investment?
You can buy our stocks from a minimum of "1,000" stocks.